Capital Women's Group

Located in Washington, D.C.; Capital Women's Group is dedicated to providing women with quality reproductive healthcare. We support and respect the choices of our patients and offer expert care from our team of highly experienced physicians and staff. It is our goal to ensure every woman is treated with the care, respect, and compassion she deserves.

Our highly-trained team of professional physicians, nurses, and healthcare team members offer extraordinary care in a manner that respects the wishes and healthcare needs of each patient.

Our services include basic gynecological care, abortion care in the first and second trimester as well as late-term abortion care.

We strive to maintain a friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental atmosphere so the women we help always feel comfortable and cared for. Capital Women's Group is known for its exceptional patient service, always doing whatever is possible to create a positive experience for women during a difficult time. Here, we realize every woman is different and has unique needs so we try to specifically cater to each woman according to her individual needs.

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