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Our Favorite Women’s Reproductive Health Blogs

Sexual and reproductive health is still a mystery for a lot of women in the U.S. It can hard to admit when we don’t feel educated on these intimate parts of life, but it’s actually the norm—in 2015, Newsweek reported that “less than 40 percent of schools nationwide required sex and health education for graduation.”

It’s clear that our schools aren’t providing the health education necessary for young people to have safe sex. Luckily, we’ve got the internet, which feminists, activists, and healthcare professionals use as a platform for sharing knowledge about STIs, STDs, birth control, and more.

Here’s a few recommendations to get started. The following blogs and online magazines are spreading the word on how to have the best sex—safely. And unlike those outdated VHS’s from the 80’s that they continue to show in health classrooms across the country, these sites are visually engaging and fun to explore.

1.) Planned Parenthood:

A tried and true women’s health care provider, Planned Parenthood’s website contains a wealth of information about STDs. The site offers a quiz that tells you whether you should get tested, as well as an online chat feature that allows users to talk with experts.

2.) Womanly Magazine:

In their own words: “Womanly Magazine is a publication and platform that circulates updated health information to women around the world through the lens of art.” This site is a great option for browsing with no specific question in mind. The featured personal essays and photography offer a wide variety of perspectives and information about sexual health and experience.

3.) Killer and A Sweet Thang:

From its beginnings as an Instagram account, Killer and A Sweet Thang has become a popular blog for millennials looking for sex advice. Its articles include headlines like “Losing What: Examining the Rhetoric We Use When Discussing Virginity” and “Tips on How to Talk to your Queer Friends About Sex.”

4.) Feministing:

Feministing is one of the oldest women’s health and politics blogs out there. Over the years, it’s grown into one of the top resources for global news and current events relating to women and gender. One of its best columns is entitled “Fucking with Feministing,” described as “a column about all things fucking and fucking-adjacent.” Written by Reina Gattuso, this column answers all the questions you never knew you had.

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