About CWG

Who We Are

Capital Women’s Group is a dedicated group of professionals who are supportive of women’s rights and committed to providing kind, caring, compassionate care to our patients in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. Our professional team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, sonographers, medical assistants and other team members who are all dedicated to providing our patients with respectful, professional care.

What We Stand For

Capital Women’s Group is deeply committed to reproductive freedom for all women and to delivering such care in a warm, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and respectful manner. We want all women to be able to plan their families and to freely exercise their right to make reproductive choices – without harassment from outside protestors or judgmental attitudes from others. We believe that most women who choose abortion do so out of their deep desire to be good mothers – either to the children that they already have or the children that they hope to have one day. Our multi-story, multi-tenant professional all-medical building offers our patients a private, discreet entrance. On top of this we offer interested patients “completely anonymous care”, something difficult to obtain in today’s healthcare environment. This provides our patients with the ultimate in privacy, confidentiality, and protection of their identity. Since 1970, we have been actively providing women with safe, legal reproductive health care in a respectful, caring environment. We are pro-woman, pro-family, pro-child, and pro-choice.

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