Our Reaction to a Recent Invasion by Anti-Choice Protesters

On Saturday, December 2nd, Capital Women’s Services was infiltrated by anti-choice militants who harassed, demeaned and disrespected our patients and who physically prevented our medical staff from entering our facility.

While we are disheartened by the seemingly growing willingness of anti-choicers to violate federal law, we are thankful that the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC were able and willing to respond appropriately by enforcing the law.

Due to the actions of these criminals, our patients were left feeling scared, frustrated, humiliated and demeaned. They deserved better than the judgement and harassment leveled at them by people who refused to acknowledge the humanity of our patients.

We want to let our patients know that we will always do whatever we can to ensure their time with us is as comfortable and respectful as possible and if that means calling the police to have trespassers arrested then that is what we will do. Our patients deserve respect and compassion, not judgement and harassment.

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