Celebrating Slutwalk, Rethinking Slutwalk

At some point in life, we all learn that the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is utter bull. In fact, verbal abuse goes hand in hand with physical violence—as graphics like this illustrate, language is an instrument that normalizes rape culture. In response, activists and marginalized… Continue reading Celebrating Slutwalk, Rethinking Slutwalk


Crisis Pregnancy Centers

What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers Really? As women’s health providers we know that providing sensitive care and allowing our patients be empowered through making decisions about their health is the hallmark of well-being. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) often advertise themselves as being places where women can receive medically accurate options counseling and support when they… Continue reading Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Tackling the Wage Gap at the Corporate Level

We know that women are paid less than men. We also know that women go unpaid for vital labor such as domestic chores. And we know that women of color are paid less than white women—black women make about 65 cents on the dollar compared to men, while Latina women make about 54. The gender… Continue reading Tackling the Wage Gap at the Corporate Level

Women's Health

Our Favorite Women’s Reproductive Health Blogs

Sexual and reproductive health is still a mystery for a lot of women in the U.S. It can hard to admit when we don’t feel educated on these intimate parts of life, but it’s actually the norm—in 2015, Newsweek reported that “less than 40 percent of schools nationwide required sex and health education for graduation.”… Continue reading Our Favorite Women’s Reproductive Health Blogs